Hebrew Translation

Transemite was founded by Avi Shmilo, a Hebrew translator with an experience of over a decade of Hebrew – English translation. 

Our native Hebrew speaking translation and localization team takes pride in their work. From notary and technical translations, to medical and scientific projects – you can count Transemite to carry out the project for you!

The Hebrew Language is the language of the Jewish people throughout history, and the official language of Israel. Hebrew is read from right to left, and features two kinds of letters – capitol (“large”) letters, and “Small” letters. The later is mostly a rounded version of the first type. Both types of letter are not to be mixed in one line, and often not in one unified text.

Around the world there are about 7 million native Hebrew speakers, and 3 million more in the Palestinian Territories which read or speak Hebrew. Our service stand to the ISO 9001:2008 standards!

Transemite are you best recourse for Hebrew translations on the web! All of our translators are university and collage graduates with years of experience in translation.

When your Hebrew translation under our care, you can be sure that your text will be reversed into the Hebrew right to left page structure, including graphics, captions, page numbering, DTP by a Hebrew-system, tables and more.

Transemite is the only Hebrew translation service which offers you translations which meet with the EN15038 Standard!